Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter?

Why Hire Get Along Doggy Professional Pet Sitters for your Pet?

You’re a busy person working an eight hour day, or more, and just cannot find time to get home to let your furry friend out for a walk or potty break. Or your kitty needs her litter box attended to but you can’t be there due to travel. You don’t want to take your pets anywhere else. Pets are much happier at home in their own environment. So you need help, and so does Fido and Fifi. Do something nice for them…hire Get Along Doggy Professional Pet Sitters!

Why Hire Get Along Doggy Professional Pet Sitters for Yourself?

By hiring Get Along Doggy to come to your home, it will not be necessary to transport your pet elsewhere; no “travel trauma” for your Fido or Fifi; your pet will be at home. You won’t have to impose on a friend, relative, or neighbor and then worry whether they remembered to visit your pet. Instead, you’ll know your pet is in good hands with Get Along Doggy Professional Pet Sitters who will put your pets’ needs first.

What Makes a Professional Pet Sitter a Professional?

Get Along Doggy is a licensed business in Sedona, AZ (previously based in Lake Havasu City). The business has been a member in good standing with Pet Sitters International, a national organization whose mission is to support all professional pet care personnel, provide continuing education courses and various services to their membership base. In addition to being licensed, Get Along Doggy also carries liability insurance, so you can feel secure with us coming into your home to care for your pet.

Why Choose Get Along Doggy Professional Pet Sitters Over Other Pet Sitters?

Sandy and Jim Williams, Owners and Operators of Get Along Doggy, have been advocates for dogs and cats since 1995.

They maintained a very successful pet sitting and dog training business in Kona, HI, selling it to return to the mainland, living in Lake Havasu City from 2005 to 2019, and now settled happily in Sedona.

Sandy and Jim are Founders and Past Presidents of advoCATS, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization, dedicated to the welfare of homeless cats in Kona, HI. They continue to raise community awareness about spay/neuter options and trap-neuter-return programs, while educating people about the perils of backyard breeders and online sellers. “No more homeless pets” is their passion. Jim and Sandy’s own cats and dogs, both previous and current, are all rescues.

Long-time pet companions, Sandy and Jim will treat your pets with tender, loving care, as if they were their own.